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My well intentioned plan of doing very well this semester has backfired during midterms. I have no desire whatsoever to study or do anything productive. I'm not burned out, only lazy. Instead of people telling me I do well in school, they should tell me that I'm stupid instead. I definitely know I would do better then. When there's an obstacle and I have to prove myself, there's usually no stopping me. I've been placated. I need a fire lit under my ass.

In other news, people are so weird. When you think you have someone pegged, entirely figured out, they go and do something you consider so out of character. I don't think that I've lapsed in my sense of judgment, but wow, I was really off.

Oh, and the Tri-Phi thing on Court TV. Loyola, what are you doing? What are you doing? Why are there people admitted into this university who say things like "I love Tri-Phi more than anything in the world"? I think we should take a better look at the admission process, and the way fraternities and sororities operate on this campus. Is it all really necessary? The obvious answer is no.
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